Attain Cultural integration through COnflict Resolution skill Development

ACCORD has the aim to support teachers in handling conflict and dealing with cultural diversity by creating, assessing and upscaling an integrated online pedagogical practice that combines conceptual material through MOOC delivery and Serious Games for practical, experiential and hands-on learning. This represents one of the specific objective of the call and also help to foster mutual understanding and respect in classrooms and schools. It will directly contribute to fostering the inclusion of disadvantaged learners, including persons with a migrant background, while preventing and combating discriminatory practices.


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Accord Game is a serious game developed within the framework of the Accord Project (a project funded by teh EACEA under Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union), which aims at assessing and training negotiation skills through simulated interactions between the user and a virtual agent, controlled by an Artificial Intelligence system. It is free and easy to use and can be played on PC (mobile devices are not supported at the moment) with some of the most common web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. To play the game you need to participate in the Accord Mooc available here.


Dialogapps is a dedicated website for tutors and teachers, where it is possible to manage users of different trial groups (partners), looking at their results, and monitoring their progresses during the trials (credentials required).

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